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Operating with the highest ethical standards, we take very seriously the trust you place in us as our clients. We strive to bring you the highest level of legal expertise at a price that is manageable.

The firm has a strong reputation for being honest, professional, and experienced. We are committed to helping our clients resolve their current difficulties and protect against future problems that could or will arise.

We are expanding and have added additional staff to serve you better. Please stop by or call to meet them.

Dealing with asset protection and legacy planning is not something to take lightly.  Be certain you have an experienced attorney who is dedicated to estate planning only. Please contact us to speak with one of our experienced attorneys today.

We won’t nickel and dime you or send you a bill for a phone call. One fee covers it all, and you will know up front how much your legal costs will be. Come experience a different approach to the practice of law.

Our attorneys are skilled at asset protection, estate and business planning. We have the resources and support to bring your customized plan into focus. Call today for a comprehensive consultation.

Mr. Curry D. Andrews, Attorney at Law

Mr. Andrews has legal experience ranging from New York and Washington DC to Washington State, Idaho and Utah. He sold his firm in Washington and moved to Idaho where he now practices exclusively in the area of Estate and Business Planning and Business Law. Curry has family all over Eastern Idaho and Utah. He is a member of various legal and charitable organizations and regularly speaks at senior centers and other public forums.


Honest & Effective Solutions for Estate and Business Planning

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Estate Planning

We can assist you in getting a plan in place that will get your property to your heirs. Don’t wait for incapacity to strike and leave your assets at the mercy of the Court. We can provide you with the strategies and options that will enable you to keep your hard-earned legacy where it belongs…in the hands of your family.

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Probate & Business Formation

We provide representation in Probate and Estate Administration for reasonable fees. We also handle formation of legal entities like limited liability companies, corporations, family limited partnerships and charitable organizations. We help reduce taxes and exposure to legal risks.


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