Irrevocable Trust for Asset Protection

Curry helped us protect our farm for our boys. It's now in an LLC that's held by an irrevocable trust. It's such a weight off our shoulders to know the farm is protected.

Vern & Elaine M. (Power County, Idaho)

Trust and Business Organization  in Riverton

My wife and I have been so busy that we never got our estate plan in place and our businesses were kind of scattered. Curry traveled to us and got to work. Now our businesses are properly documented. Our assets are separated from each other for extra protection, and our trust is in place so we can avoid probate and problems with giving it all to our kids when the time comes.

John & Jenn S. (Salt Lake County, Utah)

Ranch in Challis 

My husband's health wasn't good, and we knew we had to do something with the ranch. We called Curry and he drove all the way up to Challis to meet with us. He helped us to choose a plan that would accomplish all our goals. When my husband passed, he travelled up to Challis for the funeral and was there when we needed him the most.

Cheryl P. (Custer County, Idaho)

Simple Revocable Trust and so much more 

We needed a simple trust to prove income for a mortgage. Curry gave us  an inexpensive trust that was tailored to our needs and even came with us to set up the account at our bank. He was kind and patient and interested in our lives. When we decide to upgrade to a full estate plan, he said he would deduct the fees we already paid from the total cost of the new estate plan. Wow! 

George & Wanda L. (Utah County, Utah)

Estate Planning made easy 

Curry made getting our Wills easy. He didn't overcharge or have any hidden fees. We love that he stores the original documents in his vault so they are safe. He also reviewed my mother's estate planning documents for free and didn't try to get us to pay for something we didn't need. We really appreciate his honesty.

Les & Janiel H. (Power County, Idaho)